Why Diligent Audit Management Software Is Different

Conduct and complete more audits in less time, streamlining repetitive tasks
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Maintain a centralized library of completed audits and documentation
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Deliver assurance with ongoing, automated testing
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Achieve real-time visibility of your audit strategy and progress
Conduct & Complete More Audits in Less Time
  • Increase team capacity with standardized templates and workflows, reusable risk and control matrices, project roll-forwards and one-click reports
  • Maintain a library of completed audits, templates and matrices in a centralized location to reduce duplication of audit activities
  • Conduct fieldwork offline and on-site, utilizing mobile apps and offline modes
  • Send direct communications to process owners with automated emails and reminders
  • Provide coaching notes and in-line task lists to enhance audit efficiency and improve cross-departmental collaboration
Gain unique insights with automated workflows and deep analysis
  • Move from sample testing to entire population testing with our unique continuous auditing feature, ensuring effective controls
  • Integrate any data source, including SAP, Oracle and Concur, with built-in data connectors to analyze 100% of your data
  • Automate the testing of operational control processes such as P2P, SoD, payroll, general ledger analysis, AP analysis, fixed asset management, access control, SOX and AML
  • Apply machine learning and prescriptive analytics with R and Python integration to access new or alternative testing suggestions
  • Track and automate real-time KPIs and KRIs for performance and risk monitoring
Deliver Compelling Reports With Real-Time Visibility
  • Build executive confidence in your audit program with dashboards, reports and insights designed for agile decision-making
  • Gain clear visibility across all your audits and drill down into the status, findings, and remediation plans in your own customized dashboards
  • Consolidate any identified issues to track remediation efforts by owner with scheduled follow-ups, reminders and notifications
  • Increase audit integrity with a built-in record of all operations, complete with evidence referencing
  • Report on the performance of your entire program with data that is defensible to regulators and external auditors during investigations

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