Diligent Conflicts of Interest Solution
Reduce the Potential for Human Error
  • Simplify policy management with customizable, automated workflows to constantly monitor, investigate and enforce regulations, tackling problems before they arise.
  • Remain audit-ready by automating the documentation and maintenance of policy management activities in a central repository that clearly defines the ownership of each individual record.
  • Never miss a milestone with fully configurable automated notifications and overdue reminders.
Diligent Solutions
Complete Clarity & Transparency for Compliance
  • Benefit from full visibility of all compliance activities in a centralized, secure platform
  • Instantly access policies, attestations, investigations and incident reports
  • Monitor the effectiveness of employee training and engagement, analyzing how often they access your policies and if they are understood
Diligent Solutions
Deliver Engaging Compliance Training
  • Elevate your team’s compliance knowledge and encourage them to make informed choices that reflect your company’s values and meet regulatory standards
  • Provide topic-specific training content including Diversity, Healthcare, Data Privacy and Security, Third-Party Compliance and more
  • Gain access to the world’s largest compliance microlearning library, containing over 4,000 pieces of content, modules and videos covering 120+ topics in 60+ languages, all translated by a network of native speakers
Deliver Compliance Training Employees Look Forward to​ Seeing
Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring. Create more effective and efficient learning experiences with the world’s largest library of compliance learning content.​
Diligent Solutions
Simplify Policy Management​
Give your employees the clarity and transparency to embrace your corporate policies in one intuitive, integrated platform.​
Diligent Solutions
Automate & Simplify Your Policy Management Lifecycle
Speak to one of our experts and learn how Diligent can help your organization achieve a more effective and unified approach to policy management.
Customer stories

Impactful Training Transforms Employee Attitudes To Compliance

"Diebold Nixdorf wanted to engage and encourage their employees around the world to have more healthy and meaningful interactions with their compliance and ethics department. Deploying Diligent’s Ethics and Compliance Training, the Diebold Nixdorf team had more opportunities to engage employees and received positive feedback that the courses they introduced were easier to understand."

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