Screen of Diligent Risk Library on a laptop screen showing overall assurances
Demonstrate Compliance & Reduce Cyber Risk

Elevate your IT risk management solution with the right software and move beyond compliance to a risk management approach. Build resilience to stay ahead of threats and make informed decisions.

  • Identify critical threats and assign controls to mitigate them before they materialize
  • Prevent control coverage gaps in your IT infrastructure, reduce duplication and amplify the impact of existing tools 
  • Demonstrate a robust and continuously monitored compliance posture against key global IT and information security standards
Diligent Risk Solutions
Provide Leaders With Visibility & Confidence in Your IT Risk Posture

Equip the board and C-suite with the insights they need to make informed risk decisions.

  • Deliver real-time visibility into IT risks with dashboards and visualizations
  • Prevent costly data breaches and reduce system downtime
  • Quickly prioritize and mitigate the risks associated with critical IT assets
Diligent Solutions
Mitigate the Costs of IT Risk & Compliance Management

Free up time and resources with an automated, integrated IT risk management software – allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Scale risk management activities to match the growing volume and complexity of threats
  • Get quick time-to-value with preconfigured IT risk management workflows based in best practices
  • Replace repetitive, manual efforts with automated workflows and data analytics

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