Diligent for private equity

Simple Portfolio Company Management

Your single-source of truth for portfolio company management.

Everything from cap tables, board meetings, ESG and beyond.




Centralized Cap Table Reporting

Reporting across your portfolio's cap tables is manual and time consuming but vital for fund management.

Whether its understanding ownership, co-investors or doing scenario modeling, Diligent makes it easy and seamless.

  • Cap table Database
  • Fund Reporting
  • Waterfall Analysis & Next-Round Modeling
  • APIs for Integration

The Board Meeting Hub

Your General Partners sit on multiple boards with different processes making compliant board governance more difficult.

Centralize your board meeting documents, voting and other processes in one place

  • Single Board Meeting Hub
  • Voting & Resolutions
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Data Rooms

ESG Reporting for your Portfolio

Streamline and scale your ESG practice with simple data gathering, benchmarking, and reporting. Your single-source of truth, finally.

  • Data Collection Workflows
  • Standards Benchmarking
  • Climate & Sustainability
  • Risk Flagging

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