Cap Table & Option Administration

Simplify Equity & Cap Table Management

Keep your cap table accurate, manage your option plans and set a foundation for raising capital.
  • Accurate Cap Table
  • Option Administration
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Scenario Modeling
Keep Your Cap Table Accurate
Make sure your cap table is accurate and easily reportable through all different types of events like new funding rounds, convertible notes, warrants and option plans. 
Diligent Board Management Solution
Manage Option Plans
Manage option plans, grants, and exercises in a single location. Offer employee’s access to a secure portal to view their plans, vesting schedules and documents. 
Diligent Board Management Solution
Robust Reporting
Ensure compliance with easy-to-use reporting. Whether it is being able to share an accurate and up-to-date cap table with potential investors or run ASC 718 reports for tax purposes, Diligent has you covered. 
Diligent Board Management Solution
Plan Next Rounds & Exit Scenarios
Easily run scenarios to understand how term sheets will affect your ownership and shareholders. Run exit events to see how proceeds will be distributed to shareholders at different exit values.  
Diligent Board Management Solution
Woman at desk preparing to IPO
Going public offers a host of benefits, including access to capital and increased public awareness. However, the benefits also come with increased scrutiny from regulators and investors. Companies looking to go public successfully must...
With fees and expenses often reaching six or seven figures, companies who choose to go public are making a big bet on themselves. On average, new issuers can expect to spend 5% of their value during the IPO process alone.
With compliance obligations rising, so is the importance of compliance monitoring. Discover the right compliance monitoring program with Diligent.