Connect Governance to Risk, Audit & Compliance

A unified GRC program digitally transforms how your organization collects, analyzes and acts on data. Integrate GRC so you can accelerate progress on key objectives, proactively spot risks and opportunities, and make a greater impact.
  • Defend governance decisions with confidence
  • Monitor, mitigate and remediate risk
  • Protect sensitive information and privileged communications
  • Collaborate from a single source of truth 
  • Create an organization-wide culture of compliance and ethics
  • Accelerate and track ESG progress
GRC software solution for modern governance
Diligent Solutions
Diligent Compliance Solutions
Diligent Risk Solutions
Diligent GRC Solutions
Diligent Entity Management Solution
Boards & Leadership
Digitally Transform Your Governance Practices
Today’s leaders often must navigate disparate tools, data, integrations and processes. Modern governance brings these pieces together – so boards and leaders throughout the organization have the information they need, when they need it. 
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Risk Management
Reduce the Cost of Managing Risk
Collaborate in a single source of truth, reduce errors and save time by working from one automated risk platform.
Diligent Risk Platform
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Create a Culture of Ethics & Compliance
Real-time, enterprise-wide oversight ensures compliance teams, boards and leaders have the insights they need to foster a culture of compliance and integrity.
Diligent Compliance Platform
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Achieve Your ESG Goals
Streamline and automate multiple methods of data collection, generate auditable reports, and use automation to monitor progress toward ESG goals. ​
Diligent ESG Platform
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