Diligent Risk Solutions
Streamline Vendor Onboarding & Classification
  • Send assessment surveys to new and existing vendors, delivering a full vendor profile for review
  • Select viable third-party vendors and prioritize risk remediation
  • Manage contracts with a flexible workflow and sign off process
  • Centralize the collation and storage of all completed surveys and risk assessments for your audit trail
Diligent Risk Solutions
Centralize Third-Party Vendor Management
  • Track essential third-party data in a central location, including audit findings from site visits, real-time financial data feeds and service level agreements
  • Automate collaboration across all departments, connecting data from existing tools to develop enhanced insights
  • Use built-in risk scores and integrate independent security ratings to categorize vendors and monitor risk
Diligent Risk Solutions
Make Informed, Data Driven Decisions
  • Compare risks presented by all vendors in an easy-to-use matrix
  • Prioritize remediation of areas of concern and reduce the potential of a costly security breach or noncompliance penalties
  • Use customizable reporting to provide leadership teams with the insights they need to make critical business decisions
Build Resilience With Scalable Third-Party Risk Management
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