Screen of Diligent Risk Library on a laptop screen
Tailor an ERM System to Your Organization’s Values & Risk Appetite

Your organization’s unique needs require a flexible ERM software.

  • Easily configure industry-specific best practices, frameworks and regulatory standards
  • Save time and increase coverage with curated risk and control libraries
  • Better illuminate risk vulnerabilities and opportunities
Diligent Risk Solutions
Proactively Identify & Act on Risks Across Your Organization

Use an efficient Enterprise Risk Management program to continuously detect, evaluate and monitor risks – before they become a problem.

  • Automate risk monitoring activities and leverage advanced risk analytics
  • Reveal discrepancies, outliers and anomalies with integrated risk data
  • Easily identify risk patterns and predict threats
Diligent Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
Communicate a Holistic View of Risk

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems can efficiently demonstrate to leaders how risk affects your entire organization.

  • Swiftly pull risk data from across your organization into customizable storyboards and one-click reports
  • Access real-time insights into risks and opportunities
  • Provide executives and other stakeholders with the risk data and analysis they find most important